About us

Whalemap is a project founded by former physicists and designers. It started off with us playing around with blockchain data and using the insights we found to trade. Now, we want to take this project to the next level.

We are committed to contributing to the blockchain community by making this space even more beginner friendly, exciting, fun and useful.

One of our main goals is to shed light on data and insights not otherwise available while keeping it beautiful and simple.

At its core, it is the blockchain technology that allows to derive analytics such that we do at Whalemap. Such insights are not available for legacy markets and we want to capitalise on it.

The imbalance of quality of information available to the general public compared to larger players is something that we want to eventually bridge as well.

This means that we work super hard to make our analytics as affordable as possible while not sacrificing our site’s caliber.

We pay great attention to our charts’ functionality, customisability and speed, and constantly improve our site’s efficiency, responsiveness and quality of data.

We run multiple bitcoin nodes and pull raw bitcoin transactions from them in real-time. We then aggregate and analyse raw blockchain data using our custom, powerful scripts and plot it on our website.

In reality, it is possible to visualise data in many different formats, which will give different perspectives on what is happening on the blockchain.

One way, how we distinguish from everybody else is the never seen before, unique points of view on the market that truly provide actionable insight.

Tracking whale selling volumes, accumulation patterns and market sentiment using fundamental data is what Whalemap is about.

Innovating, coming up with new insights, diving deeper into whale and holder behaviour is something we will never stop doing. But we also pay attention to more classic analytics, such as SOPR, Realised Price, etc and will always be adding more.

Educational content is something that we take seriously as well. That is why we also put together a fun and useful learning resource for the ever increasing numbers of blockchain enthusiasts.

Plans for the future are mega exciting for us. We are working on adding block-by-block resolution to our charts, more educational content, more chart functionality, faster loading times and much much more!

Since we are a new project, we are always looking for like minded people that share our values. If you would be interested in joining us we would be super glad to discuss it, so please drop us an email at info@whalemap.io. Otherwise feel free to leave any feedback at hello@whalemap.io

Hope you enjoy using Whalemap!